Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I)

Entrepreneurship, innovation and social responsibility are values that have always marked the journey of UCBVET Animal Health. Such storyline follows the strategic plan comprised by actions intended to provide the best to customers, with high efficacy and safety performance products.
Aiming to develop new solutions for production and animals, both for the domestic market and abroad, the company is constantly investing in RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation). Laboratories for this area are located in Jaboticabal (SP) and they are comprised by a multidisciplinary team. Team includes veterinarians, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, biotechnologists and apprentices working together in the creation of new drugs and improving production processes.

How does it work?

RD&I is divided into the following sectors:

  • Analytical Development Laboratory, which develops and validates methods for inputs and products quality control analysis;
  • Pharmacotechnical laboratory, responsible for new formulations of veterinary products and industrial processes; and
  • Technical Department, which is in charge of coordinating clinical trials of withdrawal period, efficacy and safety.

The area supports Quality Control (Q.C), where routine physicochemical and microbiological testing are conducted in products, inputs and packages. It is a set of operations aiming to verify and ensure that drugs comply with quality standards required by all relevant bodies.
To ensure product quality and ensure customer satisfaction, the RD&I also works closely with the Quality Assurance (Q.A), responsible for maintaining the same high standard in everything produced and sold by UCBVET, factors that made it nationally and internationally known. Supervision of all areas is included in its scope to ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are complied with, ensure the best result desired and release the product for sale.